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Tips To Get Full Marks In Math Without Studying

Math paper is the worst nightmare for most of the students. If I tell you about myself, I was a very average math student, always running away from my math class. Even today I see many students who are always after their friends to attempt their math exams. One of the students I know was [...]

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10 tips for using animation in an Online class

We are evolving our ways of training and learning to improve our skills. Learning is more enjoyable today as it includes the use of many kinds of visuals. Animations play a vital role in this case. We make sure to keep the content of the animation aligned with what we’re teaching. Although, is that enough [...]

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Pros and Cons of Taking a Gap Year between High School and College

Are you considering taking a break from your studies before starting college? If you’re considering a gap for educational purposes, it can help you gain real-world experience. Meanwhile, some people use this time to travel the world. Whatever the reason is, a gap year can benefit or harm you depending on the situation. You need [...]

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Tips And Tricks For becoming Good Students        

Every student dreams of becoming the star child in the eyes of their teachers, classmates, and parents. However, it remains the dream of many and is neglected because of poor grades and weak academic performance. As a result, most students get depressed and disappointed. If you are also facing problems in your academics and thinking [...]

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Steps to reduce online Class stress

Online classes might bring several challenges for students due to more burden of work comparatively, less learning. These challenges causes stress, depression, and anxiety among students. It is more difficult to focus and stay motivated in online sessions since there is no in-person connection. Especially students with less tech availability are more suffered. Students and [...]

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How to Avoid Distractions in Online Classes?

In recent years, technological advancement brought uncountable changes to the education sector. Presently, we can learn online. A virtual learning environment allows students to take their classes from wherever they want to. Plus, there are Online Class Help services available on the internet for personal guidance. Not only that, students can easily access their course [...]

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Importance of Online Class Participation

In a classroom, you will find different types of students. Some are active and engaging, and the rest of them even hesitates to ask something. Even if they are not participating in anything, we should always think perhaps they are having a bad day. Whether you are learning online or on-campus, you will find introverts [...]

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