Funding For Education Projects In Developing Countries 2022

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Funding For Education Projects In Developing Countries 2022

Completing a degree or having high-level education is not possible for everyone. Majority of the people all around the world usually leave their studies or discontinue their degrees due to expensive education. Well, education is the right of every person and is necessary for the growth of society and the nation. To continue progress, there are few funding programs that offer grants for education projects to support students with their studies.

If you are a student who is thinking to discontinue your education or thinking to ask someone to take my online classes for me then this article is for you. In this article, we will share a list of a few funding programs that will definitely help you in continuing your education without any barriers. So let’s have a look at a few of them one by one.


IEEE Foundation is a well-known platform that is a professional association for electronic & electrical engineering. It typically works in the area of technology and sciences and nowadays, is also granting funds for the project. IEEE is offering a grant of US$1000 to the students who are working on the projects that are driving the IEEE’s mission.

The basic motto of IEEE is to encourage students to continue their projects. They enable students to share scientific information in the field of science and technology. So if you are an engineering student or a science student then you should definitely apply for IEEE grants today!


EACEF which is known as the East African Children’s Education Fund was established in 2007. It was built with the motto to improve education and encourage students to learn and grow. It also offers yearly grants to students, especially in the East of Africa.

The foundation also invests and gives funds for the establishment of educational institutions. Additionally, for the hiring of the teachers and for the student-to-student peer mentorship. Thus, if you are a student who lives in the East of Africa should use the grants offered by them and should continue your educational journey.

MoneyGram Foundation

MoneyGram Foundation is another well-known platform that also works for the betterment of students. The main motto of MoneyGram Foundation is to inspire students and to encourage them to study and learn. Thousands of students in the top 22 countries improved their lives with their assistance.

They offer grants to students and organizations every year to increase educational opportunities for children. The best part of them is that they offer grants without any discrimination. No matter which caste, class, or which religion you belong to, you are eligible for the grants. In, 2020 to save children from COVID-19, they announced a grant of $100,000. So, if you think you are eligible, apply for the grant now and continue your education.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation was founded to enhance the quality of education and students globally. They are providing unlimited opportunities for the students and enable them to unlock their potential. They provide funds, scholarships, and grants for the students. However, they do not offer their grants directly to the students but to organizations.

As the foundation works incorporation different companies, institutes, and organizations as partners. Organizations from all over the world partner with them and then forward their opportunities to the students for their betterment. So, if you are in an educational institution where you see the opportunity provided by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, do not miss your chance!

Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowship Program

Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowship Program is the world’s leading organization that is working for students for years. The foundation came into the existence in the form of an effort to benefit students and future generations. The company provides assistance to the students by offering grants in various forms to make them valuable assets to the world. However, the eligibility criteria are that students only working in the field of “child and youth development” are eligible for the grant. So if you are working on this area and need some funding then apply for their funds today!

Margaret McNamara Memorial Fund (MMMF)

Margaret McNamara Memorial Fund (MMMF) is another well-known platform that works to promote education. They offer educational grants every year in Canada, the United States of America, and South Africa. However. They only offer their grants to women and female children of middle-income and developing countries.

Their sole purpose is to help women learn and grow. The foundation wants today’s women to be strong and self-independent. Thus, they offer their assistance to help them strengthen their skills and improve their lives for their own betterment and for the welfare of society. It is a wonderful chance for women to build their careers.

Global Partnership for Education

Global Partnership for Education is a funding platform that particularly works to improve education systems. They focus to encourage students to study especially those who skip their studies due to financial instability. Thus, they offer grants to the students to continue their education journey and prove themselves to be valuable assets to their nation. Due to their hardcore efforts, today up to 67 million have a quality education. Students should seize this opportunity and should continue their educational journey!

These are a few top grants which you should opt for instead of asking others to take my online classes for meSuch grants have opened numerous opportunities for the students to learn and make this world a better place to live in.

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