Tips To Get Full Marks In Math Without Studying

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Tips To Get Full Marks In Math Without Studying

Math paper is the worst nightmare for most of the students. If I tell you about myself, I was a very average math student, always running away from my math class. Even today I see many students who are always after their friends to attempt their math exams. One of the students I know was ready to pay to do my online class. She was ready to pay any cost to run away from her math courses. I guess when you hate math once, there is no going back. It remains with us for the rest of our lives. No magic genie can change this perception but guess what? We have a few tips for you.

No, these tips won’t help you not hate the math subject but they will make your compulsory work a lot easier. Want to know what they are? Continue reading the next part of this article.

Never Miss Your Math Class

Yes, we know it is difficult to maintain your sanity in math class but that is the key to making this horror story less terrifying in the end. If you are always bunking your math class and dodging your math teacher, please stop it now. Attend your classes on time, focus a bit more, impress your teachers and see them helping you. In my case, my mother told me this trick, and guess what? Right in the next math test, I was just one mark away from gaining the highest marks. Yes, the second highest was mine. Although I was just an average student.

Don’t Run Away From Homework

Another trick that helped me the most was staying up to date with what my teacher is teaching in the class. Every day after coming home, I would practice for hours. Do and re-do the same homework again with different numbers. This trick actually rescued me during my final exams because I didn’t have to spend hours studying the boring concepts. We know many students who neither focus on math classwork nor math homework. If you are one of them, work on this tip and you’ll see the magic yourself. Just give it a month and there will be notable outcomes.

Ask Someone to Teach You Basics

Another work you can pay heed to is asking an expert to help you understand and remember basic concepts. For people like us who hate math, there is this problem that we never focus in class, or practice therefore have very weak basics. Most of us still don’t even know the basics like DMAS rules, etc. Therefore, experts’ help is recommended. If you don’t know any experts, maybe you can check out with your seniors. They also offer great help sometimes. If they can’t either, go find yourself an excellent tutor.

Solve Past Papers

If you have access to past papers, please consider solving them. Unless I saw the resemblance myself, I never believed this fact. My tutor always used to ask me to get hands on past papers but I never did. I used to think it is just a myth. Why would teachers repeat questions if they know students have access to them. However, to my surprise, once I decided to give it a shot, and man! What likeness. Almost thirty percent if my exam came from past papers. Since then my first priority is to always check past papers first. When you prepare from past papers, at least thirty percent of your scores are already secured.

Identify Your Lacking

One thing that helped me a lot to gain good marks in my math paper was identifying my weak areas. If you don’t know what your lacking areas are, how will you fix them? I hope you are getting this point. Sit with your teacher and ask her to take your test and analyze it at the same time. This will help you and your teacher understand your missing points better. Later, you both can focus on them more. In my case, my tutor became my rescuer and picked out my weak points. Can’t thank her for that.

Cram All the Equations

This was me all my school life. Though I soon found out my weaknesses still I was never into math problem solving. Even today, when I have to solve any math equation, the numbers start dancing in front of me. Back then when this used to happen a lot, my teacher suggested me to learn equations and I kid you not, I got the first position in my maths exam. For the first time ever. This was just because of all the algebraic equations and formulae that I really stuffed in my mind. This I swear is by far the easiest solution when you are having a hard time learning. 

Attempt Easy Questions First

Time management during exams is important. Especially in your math class if you are not working on your time management, I am sure you will waste a lot of your time. Therefore, I always suggest my students to bifurcate their slots. Allot all your questions a limited slot and make sure to complete your question by this time. However, it doesn’t mean sticking to one question if you can’t find the solution. Don’t do this. Instead, solve the easy questions first and then proceed to the complex ones.

Don’t Skip Your Breakfast  

Last but not least, please take a good sleep before your math exam and have a healthy breakfast. I will recommend you to take fiber-rich food as it stimulates your brain and improves its working. Some healthy and yummy fiber-rich breakfast options are Eggs, overnight oats, cereals with chia seeds with strawberries. Avocado on seeded toast is also a good option.


So my hard-working students, are you ready to surprise your mates, teachers, and parents? I hope you guys are. Follow these outstanding tips and see yourself performing superbly in your mathematics exams. If you know some other tips as well that don’t need any hardcore learning, let us know in the comment section. Let’s make studying math for students who hire others and pay to do my online class.

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