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What Do You Think About Online Learning

The word ‘online learning has become much more common to hear over the past few years. This is because since the pandemic started, countries had to switch to online learning whether or not they were prepared. Due to this students have varying opinions about online learning. While some love their online classes, others say ‘I would pay someone to do my online class’.

Whatever, the case is, we need to remember that nothing is completely bad or completely great. Just like any other aspect, online learning has its own set of pros and cons. However, if one side of the scale is much heavier than the other, we can choose between the category of ‘good’ or ‘not so good’. So let’s take a good look at the pros and cons of online learning and decide for ourselves.

The Top Pros of Online Learning


Whether you are in school or college, you will be juggling many things at the same time. This includes your daily chores and responsibilities, your social commitments, and your studies. Taking your classes becomes hard when you have to attend them in person on fixed timings.

However, when you are studying online, you have the option to log in from your device wherever you are. Hence, you won’t have to think about getting to your class on time since it doesn’t even require you to travel. Moreover, online learning also offers you offline classes, which means that you can take them any time of the day. So the next time you are too busy to take your classes, just go for the offline mode.


Online classes and learning do not only save your time but also save you money too. While taking traditional classes, you spend a good amount of your budget on fuel or arranging the transport. Secondly, you have to make sure you have the right set of formal clothes for your presentations. Finally, you have to buy your meals from outside because you can’t keep coming back to your home to cook.

However, when it comes to online learning, the cost is something you cannot miss out on. If you are learning online, you won’t have to travel – which saves much of your budget already. Plus, you can eat and wear whatever is at home, so you don’t have to spend there as well. All you need for online classes is a good internet, which is much more affordable than arranging your meal, clothes, and fuel.

More Opportunities

Many students choose to study online because they can study from any university around the world sitting at home. This not only saves your cost of traveling and moving but also gives you many options when choosing your programs. So if you have just ten colleges in your city, you will find thousands more on the internet.

Moreover, if you feel bound because of your working hours, you can now pursue a course or a degree. This gives students and professionals a chance to improve their resumes and go far in their careers. Finally, working professionals can get promoted to higher positions and even change their careers through online degrees.

The Biggest Downsides of Online Learning

Technical Difficulties

Let’s start with one of the biggest difficulties when it comes to online learning – the technical issues. Firstly, some learning platforms require you to download heavy applications that might not work on your phone. Moreover, these applications end up lagging a lot and you miss out on the important parts of your class. Secondly, if your internet is lagging, learning online becomes pretty much impossible.

Another issue is that students who are young always need a parent to be around while taking classes. This is why learning online during the pandemic was a huge barrier for young students. This isn’t just a problem for students, teachers also face a lot of issues as they are not well—versed with technologies.

The Demotivating Aspects

Most of us are used to face-to-face interactions and it can be pretty demotivating to talk to screens. While traditional learning allows interactions on a deeper level, online learning does not. When you are learning alone in your room, it can feel pretty demotivating. In fact, getting yourself motivated to learn is one of the common issues students face while learning online.

Many students not only struggle to practice self-discipline but also fail to interact during classes. Of course, when you are sitting in the same place all alone, you won’t have much to be excited about. This is especially a problem for growing students as they need a lot of stimulation to keep them going.

It’s Not The Same

This disadvantage is not just about people disliking change, there is much more to it. Firstly, many organizations are distrustful of online courses and degrees and tend to dismiss them. Online learning is not completely accepted in our society as a reliable means of gaining knowledge. If there are two candidates with the same degree, they would prefer the one with a traditional degree over an online one.

Well, people aren’t completely wrong to be distrustful when it comes to online learning. There are many ways to cheat in your online exams and have someone else write your assignments and homework. Moreover, online learning is only at its beginning stage and has a long way to go to overcome its weaknesses.

Final Thoughts:

Online learning was only made for professionals in the past and we have come far since then. Thanks to the pandemic, students of all ages got to experience online learning from their homes. Whether this experience has been great or not, students have varying opinions.

However, if you consider all the major pros and cons above, online learning benefits young students and adults in different ways. While young students can use this opportunity to learn extra skills, professionals can pursue online degrees to fit their busy schedules. Another great way to make space in your busy schedule is to pay someone to do my online class. So whenever you find yourself struggling in online education, hire an online expert to get academic support easily!

Some students also pay someone to do my online class because some of them are doing part time jobs or some of them are attending another course they have to pay someone to do online class.

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