Common Exam mistakes by students

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Common Exam mistakes by students

It is pretty common for students to get lower grades than they expect. This is because most of them are not aware of the smart study strategies that require less effort and guarantee maximum results. If you are one of them, you are just at the right spot. Our experts not only cater to do my online class requests but also provide the best guidance for exam takers. So read ahead to explore these common mistakes and tips that all students should know in order to succeed. Let’s begin!

8 Common Exam Mistakes

1. Preparing Last Minute

Most students choose to study last minute because they find it easier. Meanwhile, others don’t find it necessary to start studying for their exam as they feel they still have lots of time. However, this is one of the worst study strategies and it only gets you a lower grade. The key is actually to study when you have a lot of time left. You don’t want to be cramming your syllabus at the last moment. This only leads you to face a lot of stress and forget things during your exam. So start studying in chunks throughout the year or semester and make the exam season easier for yourself.

2. Passive Study Strategies

If you think you’re going to read everything in your book and remember it later, that’s not going to happen. Learning something takes a lot more than just reading it. In fact, you need to make your study sessions as engaging as possible if you want them to be effective. So start taking down notes instead of just reading from your books. You can also watch engaging video animations or online lectures on the topics you find difficult. Finally, the best of all methods is to discuss what you are studying with someone.

3. Misunderstanding The Exam Format

There is a reason why your teachers ask you to test yourself using past exam papers. Students need to be familiar with the exam pattern while they are preparing. This is because it would help them understand the areas of focus on their test and get a better score. Moreover, you don’t want to be wasting your time during the exam trying to understand how you should attempt the questions. Of course, they will provide you with the instructions but you should be spending maximum time answering the questions. So try out as many sample papers as you can and discuss the format with your teacher.

4. Not Going Through The Test

We understand that you must be feeling like you are forgetting everything you studied. Students feel the urge to answer everything they know before it evaporates from their minds. However, you need to have faith in your abilities and be patient enough to read the question paper first. This will surely help you get an idea of how much you know and where to start. Plus, going through the question paper would help you remember to answer everything without accidentally skipping any question. So unless you are dealing with a multiple-choice test, make sure to read everything first.

5. Getting Distracted

Exams not only test your knowledge but also your critical thinking and concentration. This is why you have to deal with a time limit while answering those questions in your exam. In this limited time, the worst thing you can do is lose concentration. This is because your goal is to answer every question as fast as you can and submit the test on time. Hence you should not be wasting your precious time daydreaming or thinking about irrelevant stuff. So make sure to keep a track of your thoughts if they start drifting in other directions instead of focusing on what’s on the test.

6. Running Out Of Time

Managing your time is one of the most important things during any test. Since you will be answering the questions within a short time limit, you need to plan your time accordingly. This is why we advise students to go through their tests first so that they can decide how much time they have for each question. You need to spare more time for questions that are long and carry more marks. Hence you should allot a certain time for every question without exceeding it. In this way, you will be able to finish answering the questions on time instead of submitting your test incomplete.

7. Submitting Without Proofreading

Another thing you need to spare time for is going through your test thoroughly before you submit it. You will want to be the one finding your mistakes, not the one who is checking your test. Most students skip this part because they find it unnecessary or feel lazy and then end up getting a bad grade. You will be able to see a significant difference in your grades once you start carefully checking your answers. Therefore, you must always leave a good amount of time in the end just to read your answers multiple times.

8. Panicking

We understand that exams can be highly stressful but this stress can weaken your performance further. However, you need to gather yourself and avoid losing control over your anxiety during the test. Most students end up going blank because the stress takes over them. Well, there are smart ways using which you can overcome your stress and calm down. Firstly, just by forcing yourself to smile, you can trick your brain into believing you are happy and calm. Another trick is to strike the winner’s pose and you will suddenly feel more confident about yourself.


Are you feeling stressed about your upcoming exam or test? Well, we have just the right tips to help you ace them. So avoid these mistakes and use our smart strategies and your next A+ will be closer than ever. Just as we have experts to provide the best exam tips, we also have support to . So simply leave your request with us and watch your academic problems vanish.

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