Online Courses You Should Take Being A Working Students

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Online Courses You Should Take Being A Working Students

Working while studying is a tough job. It requires immense determination and time management to balance life. Nonetheless, it is always a good idea to work while studying. A working student acquires job experience and education at the same time which helps him/her stand out among other students. However, it is never a bad idea to add new skills to your CV. These skills not only help you grow fast in your career but enables you to get good jobs that pay more for your valuable skills.

With online courses, it has been easier than ever to learn new skills in the comfort of one’s home. The online courses enrich your job skills and enable you to grab a brilliant job. Still, you must ace your online classes to be able to find your dream job. However, online classes can be hectic and if you want professional assistance with your online classes then get in touch with us on Do My Classes Now and say goodbye to all your academic blues.

Top 8 Online Courses You Should Take Being A Working Student

Among various brilliant courses that help you learn in the comfort of your home, this blog will discuss the top 8 online courses that you should take as a working student. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Digital Marketing

Marketing is one of the emerging topics as the marketing dynamics are shifted to digital platforms. It is no doubt one of the most effective ways of marketing which allow extending and personalized marketing. Thus, it is essential to understand the digital environment which is increasing day by day. This skill will allow you to aid your entrepreneurial enterprise and it is a good addition to your CV.  The University of Illinois offers marketing in a digital world course to students around the globe. You can find this course or related courses on many well-known course platforms such as Coursera and udemy.

Introduction to Computer Science

This course is offered by Harvard University and is one of the best professional courses out there. You will learn from the instructors of Harvard University. Also, the course material will be the same for the students of computer science. The course will be around 10 weeks in length and you will need to dedicate 10-20 hours per week to course material. This is an introductory course and free for those who don’t want to earn a certificate.

Foundations of Positive Psychology

Why not have a positive approach to life? This can help you in your work environment where positivity is lacking most of the time. This course will give you a new outlook and help you go through struggling times. The specialization is a set of four courses that will take around 4 months to complete. The course is named the foundation of positive psychology specialization and is offered by the University of Pennsylvania.

Search Engine Optimization Certification

Nowadays, content writing is very important to bring customers to your business. The online presence of the business requires you to write brilliant content that will attract potential customers. This includes the use of SEO keywords to enhance the Google search page ranking which increases the chances of getting noticed by the online audience. Thus, you may want to learn the SEO certification which will help you learn the basics of SEO and help you optimize articles.

High-Impact Business Writing

Writing is one of the things that create a positive or negative first impression in a business or corporate interaction. Good writing will make people optimistic about your talents and they will want to work with you. Similarly, it is the other way around if you have poor writing. The University of California Irvine is offering this course to students across the globe. They have produced brilliant business writers and learning from this is a great opportunity to become a literary genius.

Financial Accounting Fundamentals

Finance and accounting may feel like the boring subject but it is essential knowledge that you need to manage your money. This course will teach you about the functions of banks. Similarly, learning this course will enable you to manage financial statements such as balance sheets, cash flows, and income statements. It will take 5 weeks to complete this course.

Data Visualization in Excel

Excel is one of the most dynamic and powerful programs for documentation and data analysis. However, many people don’t know the various functions it offers. Many of us just know the basics while we are unaware of the excellent features that it offers. However, doing a course on excel is always a good option as there is a growing need for the usage of excel in the corporate world. Thus, Data visualization in excel is one of the best courses to go with. Here you will learn to present data in charts, graphs, and maps. It allows other stakeholders to understand data and take decisions based on the insights from that data.

The Foundation of Happiness at Work

Most people are not excited about their jobs and they may want something to happily wake up for. Thus, a little boost of happiness will make your day. Similarly, a reason to live will do the job. Also, these courses include content on evaluating your happiness at work. It will also teach you strategies to increase your happiness at the workplace. You can complete this course in 4 weeks and you will have to give 3-4 hours per week.


Most of these courses are asynchronous kind of online courses which allows you the flexibility of time and space. Similarly, it allows you maximum deadline delays for the submission of assignments. It also provides you the chance to take courses whenever you want to from the comfort of your home. Some of these courses will help you mentally and will allow you to live a good life. Similarly, many will help you with your career and allow you to enhance your skill set. Nonetheless, you must ace your online classes to be able to progress in your career. Thus, if you ever need help with your online classes then feel free to get in touch with us on Do My Classes Now and let us help you clear your online classes with top grades.

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